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Season’s Greetings

22.12.2020 09:42
Best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year!
IFRRO repost Association ORIGINAL, the RRO from Bosnia and Herzegovina, has made its first distribution of revenues for authors and publishers from the collected funds for 2018-2019. In two years of operations as a RRO, ORIGINAL fulfilled the conditions for its a first distribution, an admirable achi...

Notice on COVID-19

22.12.2020 09:40
In accordance with the recommendations and protection measures regarding COVID-19, Original will work in a reduced capacity in the office, ie the work will be organized by a combination of the system of work in the office and remotely in the upcoming period (from October 4, 2020 until the change of...
In accordance with the provisions of the Law on Collective Management of Copyright and Related Rights of BiH, the Institute for Intellectual Property is competent to perform annual supervision over the work of the organization for collective realization of rights for the previous year. The...

Happy Holidays!

27.12.2019 10:48
Happy Holidays and warm wishes for 2019! Association ORIGINAL
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