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President's Greeting

What would our culture look like and would it even be possible if there were no authors? Imagine sixty-minute television series in which the actors just sat and looked at the camera as a script writer did not write anything.  Imagine bookshops selling only empty notebooks instead of textbooks imagine publishing houses whose editors, without authors, work on new tapestries. Of course, this is a simplified horror scenario that I use to emphasize something that is constantly forgotten- author's work is inalienable intellectual property of each writer and the use of literary product is a subject to compensation.

The right to compensation of reproductions of author's works was the main motive for the establishment of the organization "Original" whose objective is primarily to protect the right to private and public use, in accordance with BiH and international law. Our goal is not only to protect authors, but also to improve their position, to help them and promote their literary works.

The initiative for the establishment of the Original" came from a handful of us renowned writers and publishers who, from the first hand experiences, know the problems faced by the publishers and authors. I believe that this fact is very important guarantee to our members.

Goran Simić, President
About us
Association ORIGINAL for the realization and protection of reproduction rights (abbreviation: Association Original) was founded in 2016 in Sarajevo.  Association Original operates on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The founders of the Association, Damir Uzunović, Ivica Rorić and Goran Simić gathered around the idea that actually connects writers and publishers: the right to compensation from the reproduction for private and other internal use of works.

Association within its activities performs all statutory duties in a way that ensures the achievement of maximum level of effectiveness in business, economic efficiency and transparency.

The objectives and activities of the Association are:
- the realization and protection of the right to private and other internal use of the subjects of the protection of copyright and related rights for written works in accordance with domestic and international law,
- encouraging the promotion and improvement of the rights and the position of publishers, writers and holders of related rights,
- providing support to members of the Association,
- the cooperation with related domestic and foreign organizations and associations,
- encouraging and developing professional and collegial relations among members of the association,
-  the conclusion of a contracts on the transfer of non-exclusive rights of users to use authored works from the repertoire of the Association under equal conditions for the same types of users, for the same types of works and for the same ways of use,
- concluding collective agreements with representative associations of users on the conditions of use of works of art,
- publishing a harmonized tariff on the amount of fees for the use of works of art (in accordance with the valid decision of the Council of Ministers of BiH) and introducing them to beneficiaries of these fees,
- collecting fees for the use of copyrighted works,
- the distribution of the  paid or received fees to the right holders according to predetermined distribution rules,
- control over the use of copyright works that make up the repertoire of the Association,
- initiating and conducting protection procedures at courts and other state organs in the event of a violation of the rights conferred by a collective organization,
- concluding contracts with foreign collective organizations and their associations,
- other activities related to collective exercise of rights (educational and promotional activities to raise awareness of the need to respect copyright, its protection and so on).
Achieving the goals of the Association is done by international and generally recognized rules, standards and principles applied in practice of the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organizations IFRRO and in accordance with the laws regulating the area of copyright and related rights, based on the decision of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina and provisions of special laws.
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What are reproduction (reprographic) rights?


What is the 'right to compensation for private and other internal use’? Article 36 of Copyright and Related Rights Law stipulates that in cases when a work may be reproduced without author’s consent, the author of the works which, due to their nature, may be expected to be reproduced by photocopying or recording them on sound, video or text recording media for private or other internal use shall have the right to remuneration for such use.

Collective management of this right is prescribed, which is why the Association Original organizes its business in accordance with the positive legislation in this area. Law on Copyright and Related Rights provides that The remuneration for sound and visual recording shall be payable: a) at the first sale or importation of new technical devices for sound and visual recording and b) at the first sale or importation of new blank sound, video or text recording media. The remuneration for photocopying referred to in paragraph shall be payable: a) at the first sale or importation of new photocopying devices, b) on made photocopies intended for sale.

Equal to photocopying shall be considered all other reproduction techniques, and equal to sound and visual recording devices shall be considered all other devices allowing for the achievement of the same effect.

The amounts of individual remunerations for private and other internal reproduction, belonging collectively to all right holders under this Law, shall be fixed by the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Membership in the Association Original is voluntary.

We are proud that the Association Original gathers respectable associations of authors and publishers, foundations, museums and individuals in this area.
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